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Del. Surovell

Del. Scott Surovell

Equality Virginia would like to thank Del. Scott Surovell for introducing HJ665 to repeal the 2006 marriage amendment.  This resolution was unfortunately tabled, therefore killed in committee today.  We appreciate Del. Robert Krupicka speaking out on behalf of LGBT Virginians.

This resolution was the necessary first step towards repealing the Marshall-Newman amendment that added to the bill of rights of the Virginia Constitution the denial of all relationship recognition to LGBT couples.

Read the full resolution at Richmond Sunlight and take a moment to thank the legislators who copatroned this legislation if you live in their district.

  •  Scott A. Surovell (chief patron)
  • Mamye E. BaCote
  • Robert H. Brink
  • David L. Bulova
  • Betsy B. Carr
  • Rosalyn R. Dance
  • Eileen Filler-Corn
  • Charniele L. Herring
  • Daun S. Hester
  • Patrick A. Hope
  • Algie T. Howell, Jr.
  • Mark L. Keam
  • Kaye Kory
  • K. Rob Krupicka
  • Alfonso H. Lopez
  • Jennifer L. McClellan
  • Joseph D. Morrissey
  • Kenneth R. Plum
  • James M. Scott
  • Mark D. Sickles
  • David J. Toscano
  • Jeion A. Ward
  • Vivian E. Watts



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4 Responses

  1. Michael Robinson Jr says:

    Thank you

  2. JD Martin says:

    I would like to know who voted to table it……..can you publish THAT list, please?

    • Equality Virginia says:

      Hi JD – it was tabled by voice vote… unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to get that headcount, but from a bystander, we hear that it was all Republicans present at that subcommittee hearing that voted to table.

  3. Randall Custer says:

    Virginia needs honor it logo ( Virginia is for lovers) All lovers and grant marriage rights to all couples no matter being men and men, woman and woman or man and woman.

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