Virginia TIES
Saturday, October 20, 2018

J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College
Parham Road Campus
1651 E. Parham Road
Richmond, VA 23228





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Every October, transgender and gender nonconforming folks are joined by friends, family, and allies for TIES. At the 2017 TIES conference, we welcomed more than 250 individuals identifying as trans or gender nonconforming who participated in day’s programs alongside over 100 allies.

The most important aspect of the Transgender Information and Empowerment Summit (TIES) is community. To us, community means trust, solidarity, and a shared respect for people who are transgender and gender diverse. The summit is an opportunity to build that community – to learn from and with each other in an intentional and empowering space. TIES offers information that is designed to meet the interests and needs of transgender individuals, partners, parents, youth, and allies to strengthen the transgender community across Virginia!


Thank you to the sponsors and community voices of TIES 2018!

Thank you to the organizations sponsoring the 2018 Transgender Information and Empowerment Summit. Their support is essential in making TIES possible and leads directly to the success of the event. Please show your support in any way you can to the organizations listed below. TIES Sponsorship opportunities are listed here.  You can click here to learn about becoming a Community Voice. Email us at [email protected] for information about sponsorship or with any other questions.

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