Transgender Ally Resources


What does it mean to be a transgender ally? Whether you are just starting out as an ally or have you been involved for years, there’s always plenty to learn! From finding out more about appropriate language to understanding some of the barriers many transgender people face, you can use these resources to become a stronger trans ally!

Family Resources

Families with transgender children, transgender parents, or transgender spouses can find support in this resource list that includes a whole host of resources from support groups for kids of transgender parents, to guidance for parents when talking to medical providers about care for their transgender child.

Ways to Make a Difference

Saying you are a transgender ally and being a transgender ally can actually look differently. Are you ready to take a stand and make a difference in your community? From showing your friends and family members a trans-themed movie to participating in nationwide transgender events, there are lots of ways you can show your support!


Many transgender people experience high levels of discrimination in school and in the workplace.  As a transgender ally, you can initiate training programs to make schools and businesses safer and more inclusive!