Relationship Recognition

  • Together, with lesbian and gay couples throughout the commonwealth, changed hearts and minds about marriage equality!  On October 6, 2014, Virginia gained the freedom to marry!
  • Led the passage of Small Business Insurance Parity Act II, allowing all Virginia businesses to offer domestic partner group life insurance benefits (2010).
  • Helped pass legislation setting up a state-wide registry for Advanced Health Care Directives making it easier for doctors to know who is authorized to make medical decisions for loved ones in a time of need (2008).
  • Helped pass legislation guaranteeing every person the right to decide who they want to visit them in the hospital three years before President Obama’s order (2007).
  • Led the passage of the Small Business Insurance Parity Act, allowing all Virginia businesses to offer domestic partner health care insurance benefits (2005).
  • Led the fight against Virginia “Family Rule” that would have kept our families from qualifying for low-income loans from the Virginia Housing Development Authority and defeated legislation that would have reinstated that rule (2002).


  • Defeated legislation to ban gay adoption and then helped defeat the anti-gay legislator who sponsored the bill in the subsequent election (2005).

Safe Schools

  • Increased the percentage of Virginia public school students that are protected by fully enumerated bullying and harassment policies from 1.85 percent in 2012 to 20.5 percent in 2015.
  • Led fight to defeat legislation banning gay-straight alliances in elementary and high schools (2005, 2006, 2007).
  • Helped pass anti-bullying legislation (2005).


  • Succeeded in passing inclusive legislation on a bipartisan vote in the Virginia Senate that would have banned discrimination against LGBT public employees. (2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018)
  • Worked with the McAuliffe administration on Executive Order 1, which protects LGBT state employees from discrimination. (2015)

Legal Cases

  • Supported efforts of a non-custodial lesbian parent to have parental status recognized in Virginia and Vermont visitation order enforced (2004).
  • Supported a lawsuit that overturned legislation threatening to revoke liquor licenses for establishments employing or catering to homosexuals (1991).