I'm New To VA

I’m New To Virginia

Did you just move to the state? This is a brief primer for everything you need to know about being an LGBTQ person in Virginia. Start Here

Coming Out

I’m Coming Out

Coming out is not only a critical component of a LGBTQ individual’s well-being, but of the well-being of the entire LGBTQ community. Support is here. Come Out

Community Organizations

These are national, statewide and local resources that provide social outlets, support, health services, and advocate on behalf of the LGBTQ community. Read More

I Am Trans

Find support and information on legal protections, name and gender marker changes, healthcare resources, and much more. Go To Transgender Resources

I Am A Trans Ally

Access tips and resources that can be used as you move toward becoming a better ally to transgender and gender nonconforming people. Be An Ally

I Need Legal Advice

Equality Virginia provides this directory to LGBTQ Virginians seeking legal representation and to attorneys working with the LGBTQ community. Find An Attorney

LGBT-Affirming Faith Communities

I’m Looking For A Faith Community

A stronger network of affirming faith communities counters the tension between LGBTQ equality and religious freedom.  Find affirming communities recommended by EV’s membership. Find A Community

I’m Facing Discrimination

Have you faced discrimination in employment or housing or have been denied  service at a business?  Learn more about your rights, Virginia’s laws and what is protected.  Learn More About Legal Protections

I Have A Story

Have you been subject to discrimination because of your sexual orientation or gender identity?  Are you the victim of a hate crime or violence?  Do you have a story you would like to share?  Tell It Now