Roanoke, VA

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My name is Theodore. I am a big Harry Potter fan, I love specialty, artisan donuts, and I’m the proud dad of two dogs and one feisty cat. I am also a transgender man.


Being transgender is just one part of who I am, and honestly, I don’t think about it much. I get up to go to work, eat lunch, come home, play with the dogs, and hang out with my wife just like many people do. Usually, people don’t even realize that I am transgender until I’m interacting with someone who is misinformed about the transgender community and I put on my “teacher hat.”


I see those moments as great opportunities to educate others about what it means to be transgender. This is who we are – we’re just like anyone else – we have friends and family who love us, we do the 9-to-5 grind, go to the grocery store, and tear up watching sappy, romantic comedies. Yes, our gender identity is different than the sex originally written on our birth certificate, but other than that, there’s not much that separates us from each other.


I hope that by getting to know me a little better, more people will support nondiscrimination protections for transgender people in housing, employment, and public accommodations. What if I was your kid, or your neighbor, or we went to church together?  Wouldn’t you want me to feel safe and welcome in the state we all call home?


*Name has been changed to protect the privacy of individual.