Increasing Transgender Visibility

EV’s Transgender Visibility Initiative strives to empower and uplift Virginia’s transgender and non-binary community. We continue to keep Virginia moving toward full transgender equality through community conversations across the Commonwealth with EV’s transgender and non-binary advocates, resources for the trans & non-binary community, and raising up the voices of trans & non-binary Virginians and their allies, .


Transgender Resources

EV offers a list of helpful, trans-affirming resources for transgender and non-binary individuals, from practical legal advice to region-specific support.

Virginia TIES

EV organizes TIES (Transgender Information and Empowerment Summit) each year to bring together trans, non-binary, and gender nonconforming folks along with allies, family, and friends to learn and grow, both from experts and each other.

Transgender Advocacy Speakers Bureau

EV facilitates story sharing opportunities between transgender advocates and community organizations to increase accurate transgender visibility and celebrate our diversities.


Transgender Ally Resources

EV provides information for transgender allies to learn about all the ways that they can support their transgender family, friends, and community members.

Community Education Program

Through our Community Education Program, we are preparing trans individuals, families, and allies to share their stories to make an impact on nondiscrimination legislation.